Isn’t Nature Fabulous? Our cherry blossom is

As regular as clockwork our cherry tree has once again come to blossom in the first week of April. Last week there was not a bloom in sight and behold, this week it looks like someone has stuck balls of cotton wool all over it. It is a short-lived joy but one I none the less look forward to. To me it signifies the end of the dreary winter months and my thoughts turn to al fresco dining once again, one of the great pleasures of living in Umbria is being able to eat outside from April till October.

Another favourite pastime of this time of year, hunting for beautiful wild asparagus. We were out yesterday and found a good bit, enough for a frittata at least, (another post with photos to follow). Roll on the Summer! And of course a bountiful harvest of Cherries.

Sadly in 2017 we had to cut down our cherry tree due to a disease that attacked, we have since planted a new plum and peach tree, both growing nicely.

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