A rustic Umbrian restaurant in Portaria

This little restaurant in Piazza Giuseppe Verdi in Portaria is a very homely, rustic spot. They have a big fire in the restaurant on which they cook all the meats and during the winter months, it is a joy to walk in out of the cold and be met by the mouth-watering smell of grilling steaks. The last time we were up for Sunday lunch they had a big chicken on a spit roasting away, so that is what Siobhan ordered for her main course, it was succulent and delicious.

Their menu is very rustic, handmade pasta with simple tasty sauces like, my favourite is fresh pappardelle with wild boar sauce, yum. You can choose from a variety of Antipasto, normal enough, and all the meat dishes are grilled on the open fire as I have said. As with most rustic eateries in Umbria/Tuscany they can be a bit heavy handed with the salt, especially on meat.

During the summer months, they have an outdoor seating area in the little piazza which we also love, very relaxing after a hot Umbria summers day.

Everyone we have introduced to this restaurant loves it, it is the kind of place that tourists don’t usually find and we recommend a visit if you are in the area, or indeed staying at Casa Lilla.

Some photos to follow, I forgot to bring the camera last time…

Tel: 0744 931174 – www.ristorantesorellepesciaioli.it

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