Wild Asparagus in Umbria – Asparagi

Asparagi selvatici
Asparagi selvatici

At Long Last. We have been out scouring the hillsides and fields for the past few weeks in search of this Springtime treat, Wild Asparagus. For the next 6 weeks or so these little beauties pop out of the ground all around us and we don’t waste any time in gathering as much as we can.

I don’t think you can compare their taste to cultivated asparagus, they have a unique more bitter, ‘irony’ flavour. We have been told by our 82-year-old neighbour Ernesto that they are full of essential minerals and are very good for the liver, in particular, another reason why I crave them, my liver needs all the help it can get! Ernesto was also the person that took me out for the first time and told me where to find them.

As far as cooking with them goes our favourite is a simple asparagi frittata, see the images below and have a look at the Casa Lilla Recipes for the eh… recipe, if you can call it such.

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