Homemade Bread at Casa Lilla

This is not a recipe as such, but my latest diversion, passion, call it what you will but after trying for many years on and off to master the art of home-baked bread I think I have finally got it. Thanks to a really wonderful book I recently purchased called ‘Bread’ by Daniel Stevens (River Cafe Handbook No.3). In this book the author spends the first 70 pages just explaining the process and techniques of bread making, he breaks down each step and explains the science behind why you do them. This has proved invaluable and has made such a difference to my bread.

To any budding bakers out there I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy of this little book, the joy of making your own bread, successfully, cannot be measured in my opinion.

Here are some I knocked up, Our B&B guests really enjoyed the rolls for their breakfast this morning.

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